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POW, Inc.  supports the Mermaid Society of SMTX and has partnered with them to provide promotional products for the 2019 Mermaid Festival - See what's available



In San Marcos, Texas, the life force of the river cannot be denied and neither can its beloved resident, the Mermaid. It is everlastingly marked in our history.

— July Moreno, Founder and Executive Director, Mermaid Society of Texas


2019 -4th Annual Mermaid Splash Festival

Mer-tini Shakedown Competition - September 7th

Arts & Cultural Symposium - September 10th

River and Guardianship - September 11th

Mermaid Society Ball - September 20th

Downtown Mermaid Promenade - September 21st

Mermaid Aqua Faire - September 22nd


POW, Inc.  supports the live music scene and our musician employee.

Mark Gorman is a Native Texan, true to his roots. Not just a mindless Texas Troubadour, Mark's writing is prolific and powerfully authentic. Musicians come and go, but Mark Gorman is equal parts singer/songwriter/guitar slinger and Texas cowboy/historian/storyteller. Texas history is deeply storied in a multicultural mix, clash and melding process that puts Texas on the map worldwide as someplace special. Mark Gorman's music touches it all, from Texas Swing, Blues, Country, Cowboy and Americana to Hispanic, Germanic and Appalachian elements which make Texans uniquely recognizable around the globe. These are the roots from the people that were never able to tame this vast state, but were able to settle within it's vast borders to survive and possibly make a living.

Texas Music is as rich as its history and Mark Gorman is a Texas singer/songwriter who finally does justice to the Texas Music genre.


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